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About Us


When we first entered into the domain business, we curated brands for start-ups of any kind. However, after about 10 years in the industry we noticed an unmet need for adult brands, as most large portfolio holders and brand ambassadors would not display or broker adult content. With 40-50% of internet traffic directly attributed to this industry, we felt it was vital to address this need!

Our Brands

We focus on short, single and double word domain names which are easy to say and even easier to remember. All of our domains are brands unto themselves and are perfect for building communities and viral campaigns.

Our Services

We broker names on a daily basis, and attempt to match brands with businesses. Our customers come to us with an idea or existing product and we match a valuable adult domain to their business model. Or, sometimes it is the brand itself that elicits the idea for a new start-up and a business is born in an instant!


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